Well, the official count-down has begun. Yes, the family calendar has been marked with the much anticipated Opening Day for Clover Sports Summer Camp. Henry began the month of March by marking the family calendar by weeks and then by days until Clover Sports Camp’s Opening Day in June! Needless to say, “Sign us up for another great summer!”

number oneI would like to offer one suggestion for your summer camp this year. Please don’t change what we love most about Clover Sports Camp:

  • At Clover Sports Camp each day, every child is WELCOMED, by name, into a wonderland of non-stop fun; it is the never-ending recess, every child dreams of.
  • The highlights over the last two summers have included: fort building on the beach, Capturing the Chicken?, Graffiti Day, endless playground games, finding out what is inside a computer (by the way, thank you for satisfying his curiosity on your computers), Art and/or Crafted Creations, Pizza Friday, and of course, every day at camp ends with a Sundae.
  • I don’t have to ask if my son had a good day at camp because I can hear it in his stories. He will tell me about his new best friend at camp and describe the many types of seaweed they discovered on the beach that day and I will hear the play-by-play account of the Captain’s ball game against the Camp Counselors or perhaps he will quiz me on the Coach’s question of the day. Some days I get a Work-of-Art hand crafted by my son but most days I get shoes full of sand, pockets full of found treasures, a tired smile and a great big hug. No question. It was a great day!

As a parent, it is comforting to know my son is in a safe and caring environment, which shares our family values. You and your phenomenal staff provide a wonderful atmosphere for the children. Thank you for two great summers and we will see you in 12 weeks and 4 days; according to our family’s Clover Sports Summer Camp count-down-calendar!

When I asked [my daughter] what she wanted to do this summer, the first thing she said was CLOVER SPORTS! and nothing else but CLOVER SPORTS.

My son’s self-confidence soared after his summer at Clover Sports. He made friends with kids in several different grades and his skills in sports improved dramatically. He couldn’t wait for the weekend to be over so he could go back to camp.

The coaches make each and every child feel like a star. They are so welcoming and love to joke around. The kids don’t want to leave at the end of the day!

This is what good old fashioned fun used to be like! From rubber chicken flag football, scavenger hunts and food fights to graffiti, sunflower spitting contests and slip n’ slide down the hill. The kids just love it and they come home tired and happy!